Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Spring brings all kinds of surprises. Some are beautiful, some, at first glance are pretty disgusting.

The view from the patio was disturbing. I thought I saw sticky handprints on the window between the living room and the patio. "Little, sticky handprints," I thought. "Probably peanut butter," I thought.

But as I got closer, I could make out tiny white dots on the glass. What!??? Still closer. There were tiny ants surrounding the white dots. They were guarding eggs!

How and why, the nursery had been set up on a window I can't imagine. The blinds had been closed making the glass dark and warm in the afternoon sun. When I tapped the glass, several ants rushed to pick up each egg and carried them off. Down the glass, onto the window sill, down to the floor they scurried. I couldn't bring myself to destroy these devoted nursemaids so I just watched in awe as they made their way to the edge of the patio. under the door and outdoors to safety.

Spring always brings one thing for sure... new life!

Water for Elephants

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