Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eBay on Location Las Vegas

One of the best things about buying and selling on eBay, is being a part of the eBay community. As many as our differences are, we all have a big part of our lives colored red, blue, yellow and green.

Six of us met and formed bonds at earlier eBay events. We kept in touch between times to share ideas and solutions to problems. So when we each knew the others were headed to Las Vegas earlier this month, we decided to show the eBay world a united front as the Six Amigos.

Forming a Facebook group of our own, we planned some things that would bring us even closer together. With encouragement from the other 5, one of our members designed and ordered special t-shirts that said "eBay Takes Las Vegas 2011" on a tie-dye background. We also got matching gold-toned "Elvis" sunglasses and each of us added personal embellishments in the basic eBay colors. Shoes, bracelets, and should I reveal... a tutu showed our colors.

We had a wonderful time networking with eBay staff and members over the 2 day event, making new friends, learning new techniques and finding inspiration in the success of others. In addition to great learning sessions, there were plenty of opportunities to talk face to face with eBay staff members and thrash out problems. You could even get personal one-on-one advice on how to make your eBay sales more profitable.

Many of us stayed on a day or two to see Las Vegas. It was my first visit, so I had a lot of ground to cover just getting the quick tour in two days. Seeing all those gorgeous resort hotels and casinos only whet my appetite for more. And we were treated to a performance by comedian Louie Anderson that left me with cheek cramps from laughing so much. We walked and walked, and yes, we did play a few casino games too. Some of our group played golf on an amazing course there too. I admit, we didn't get much sleep, but every minute was well accounted for and worth the jet-lag when we got back home.

Another "eBay on Location" is being planned for the Fall and will be held somewhere on the east coast. So stay tuned and sell, sell, sell to build a little travel fund so you can go. 

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